A Fresh Look at Spring Styles

Posted by See Kai Run on Mar 8th 2016

As we move full into the Spring/Summer season we continue to read and hear about what moms think of See Kai Run Sping/Summer styles. Check out what these savvy moms had to say about just some of our select styles. 

"See Kai Run makes shoes for kids ages 0-8. They have large toe areas, to promote healthy toe growth, with plenty of wiggle room. The contoured shape of the shoes allows for natural stride – so the child’s foot isn’t restricted because of the shoes they are wearing. The super flexible rubber soles of these shoes, helps in the development of healthy feet, as well. There are multiple benefits to See Kai Run shoes!"

"One of my favorite things about this company is its heart. Peach’s Neet Feet gives customized, hand-painted shoes to children with disabilities and fighting serious illness. These shoes make the kids feel and look great, plus, it creates awareness to the cause. See Kai Run has been providing shoes to Peach’s Neet Feet, plus donating 10% of proceeds from select Spring and Summer shoes to this wonderful organization. They call this Hustle Kindness, and you can read more about it, and even see pictures of some of the absolutely adorable Superstar kids on the Hustle Kindness page!"

"Not only was this company created by a concerned mom, it’s won awards, creates beautiful and stylish shoes that aid in foot growth and development AND gives back to a community of beautiful children. Does it get any better than this!? I’m so impressed with the company, as a whole. The shoes are absolutely amazing and made of incredible quality, plus they are true to fit and really pop with color and design. Head over to See Kai Run and check out their new Spring/Summer 2016 line of super cute and stylish shoes for boys and girls!"

Photos courtesy of The Binder Ladies.

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"My kids and I had the pleasure of receiving some See Kai Run Shoes for review. My son Karter received size 3 Blue Scotti shoes. These shoes feature a full length rubber sole which is great for first time walkers. They grip great and make sure your little one doesn’t slip. They go on easy and fit great. They have a loop on back which makes them easy to put on and an adjustable strap on top to make sure they fit snug. They have an excellent padded tongue too which is hard to find in shoes. They are made from leather and have an anti-scuff toe which is also great for first time walkers! These shoes are not only super adorable but they are made to last! I know my son will continue to get a lot of use out of them until he outgrows them because they are made so durable!"

"My daughter Dakota received size 8 Hot Pink Paley Sandals. These are also super cute! They are pink with blue polka dots. These sandals are the best quality sandals we have ever had. They are great because they support the feet completely! The style makes it so your child can run and play without tripping or losing a shoe. They fit great and are super lightweight. The sole keeps a nice grip on the ground and so far, even though my daughter is extremely clumsy, has not tripped or fell with these on. I love the fact that they are machine washable! That is a super nice feature! We will continue to use See Kai Run for years to come!"

Photos courtesy of Tiffany Reviews.

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"I have worked with See Kai Run in the past, and I am continuously impressed with the overall care that goes into each shoe. They worry not only about the look of the shoe, but the development of the feet that are wearing them. Each shoe has a great design, is well made and is functional for the child. My two older children say their See Kai Run shoes are the most comfortable. They strive to make the insoles cushy for comfort but also with a breathable lining! They offer many types of shoes including sandals, dress shoes, first walking shoes, and washable runners to name a few."


"See Kai Run carries shoes to fit babies up to big kids! I love that I can shop in one place, have so many options and know that they’ll feel good on the littlest of tootsies. I chose the Cynthia crib shoes for my youngest. She’ll just be starting in shoes here this Spring, so why not a cute sandal that can match everything?! My son chose his own and surprisingly went with a very sophisticated Erik with wingtips. My oldest daughter once again chose a dress shoe, because “mom, everyone likes to dress up”. She chose the silver Ginger Mary Janes. The older two once again have said how comfortable they are “even for dress shoes” and I can’t quite get a straight answer out of the baby, but she sure does look cute in them!"

Photos courtesy of The Kids Did It.

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Stephanie, an author from California, recently reviewed our shoes on her blog,  Hello Butterflies.  Here are some highlights:

"The white LeeAnn spring shoes are a perfect addition to an Easter dress wardrobe or welcoming in Spring! They are a really great MaryJane style that seems to stand the test of time!"

Photos courtesy of Hello Butterflies.

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Victoria, a mom of three boys, shares 5 Tips for Buying Shoes for Toddler Boys:

"Toddler boys like to do things themselves, including putting on their own shoes. Easy closures like Velcro let your son have a bit of independence when dressing. A shoe like the Donovan have a Velcro strap and faux laces. The faux laces are there for style but are affixed to the shoe. Easy closure options also reduce the amount of time it will take to get your toddler ready to head out the door, also leading to less meltdowns from being fussed with."

"My oldest son was able to try out the Donovan shoes from See Kai Run and he fell in love with them too. They are black shoes so they match everything he wears and they can easily be paired with jeans or shorts. I also tend to have the shoestring issue with him too, so the Velcro closure was just what he needed."

"My youngest son was able to try out the Milton shoe and he has a shoe fetish, so he immediately had to try them on and model them. He finds them to be comfortable and the best part is these shoes can be paired with virtually everything in his closet."

Photos courtesy of Giveaways 4 Moms

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