Debunking 3 Common Myths About Toddler Footwear

Debunking 3 Common Myths About Toddler Footwear

Posted by See Kai Run on Sep 29th 2022

Debunking 3 Common Myths About Toddler Footwear

Popular footwear is for more than fashion. A child’s shoe choice is critical to their development, and common myths can confuse parents on how to take the right steps for their young ones. To clear that confusion today, we’re debunking several common myths about toddler footwear—look at this list to help your child walk with comfort and confidence.

The Bigger, the Better

Kids’ feet grow rapidly in their younger years. As such, a common misconception is that the bigger the kid’s shoe, the better it will be able to allow for proper growth. However, you shouldn’t buy oversized shoes with the hope that your child will grow into them.

In a kid’s shoe, flexibility and a spacious toe box allow a child’s feet to grow naturally and unrestricted. Instead of simply buying large shoes, take a closer look at the feel and design of the shoe to see whether it’s a good choice.

Any Child’s Shoe Is Fine

Toddlers have flat, boxy feet, and secondhand clothing is common for new kids. So it’s not always clear how important it is for toddlers to have new shoes specially chosen for them.

Secondhand shoes, while not ideal, are adequate for a child as long as the shoe is not too well-worn and construction is durable, like See Kai Run shoes.

The shoe should be flexible enough to fit their foot snuggly but without constricting growth. At See Kai Run, our little boys’ athletic shoes available now promote healthy foot development while still providing the protection kids need to run around the playground. By finding that balance in a new shoe, you can ensure the footwear forms around your child’s feet comfortably.

The First Pair Isn’t Important Because It’s Temporary

The speed at which a toddler’s foot grows results in another misconception about reaching for cheap or secondhand shoes. Remember that a key component of a specially crafted child’s shoe is to reduce the frequency at which you must replace the shoes.

If you accommodate their foot development with a flexible, durable pair, the shoes won’t constrict the child’s feet quickly, delivering a better feel than ill-fitted options. Thus, the first pair is potentially the most important because it can help or hinder their ability to grow and move in a healthy way daily. After debunking common myths about toddler footwear with the details above, you can now focus on only the most important details during your search.