Hustle Kindness Superstars

Hustle Kindness Superstars

Posted by See Kai Run on Feb 12th 2016

In July 2011 the non-profit, Peach’s Neet Feet (PNF) began providing customized, hand-painted shoes to children living with disabilities and fighting serious illness. These customized PNF shoes help create awareness, allowing the children to be recognized for who they are beyond their diagnosis or disability. See Kai Run has been providing shoes to Peach’s Neet Feet since 2014, but this February we'll be donating 10% of proceeds from select Spring/Summer ’16 styles to Peach’s Neet Feet and their movement to “Hustle Kindness”. Each of the shoes in the Hustle Kindness campaign are sponsored by See Kai Run Superstars; children who are facing serious illness or disability yet determined to Hustle Kindness themselves. We thought you'd like to get to know them, so here are just some of our See Kai Run Superstars participating in the campaign.



This is Brenna and she was born with a severe skin disorder called Harlequin Ichthyosis. But as you can tell by her smile and awesome fashion sense she is adorable. Brenna cherishes her older brother Connor and loves Minnie Mouse, reading books and sausage and pepperoni pizza.

Brenna's Hustle Kindness Shoe is the Veronica Floral/Light Pink and comes in sizes 4 - 9.


Our next Hustle Kindness Superstar is Cameron. This little guy is a real trooper. Cam has gone through 11 surgeries and lives with a condition called Apert Syndrome. Cam loves to play with dump trucks, trains and his little brother, Max.

Cam's Hustle Kindness shoe is the Tanner Gray and comes in sizes 4 - 9.


Our next Hustle Kindness Superstar is Poppy Avalon. Diagnosed with Apert Syndrome, Poppy has gone through countless procedures, surgeries and treatments. But that hasn't stopped her from spreading laughter and joy to those around her. She loves the Muppets, Peppa Pig, blueberries, cuddles and singing.

Poppy's shoe is the Poppy Avalon and it comes in Gold and Coral in sizes 8 - 3y


And our last, but in no way least Hustle Kindness Superstar is Joey. Joey too was diagnosed with Apert Syndrome but this hasn't slowed him down one bit. Joey is a sweet, lovable ball of energy who enjoys emulating and sometimes playfully pestering his three older brothers.  

Joey's Hustle Kindness shoe is the Strive and it comes in Blue and Gray in sizes 8 - 3y.

To order any of these Hustle Kindness shoes and help support Peach's Neet Feet visit our website ,  Stay posted, because we'll be introducing you to more of our Hustle Kindness Superstars in the near future.