Kids Boots and Cold Weather Play, What you Need to Know.

Kids Boots and Cold Weather Play, What you Need to Know.

Posted by S. Hart on Oct 16th 2019

Lightweight, flexible and proportionally engineered styles offer parents an alternative to traditional winter boots.

It’s that time once again. The leaves on the trees are changing, the mornings are a bit crisper and Halloween decorations are up. You know what that means; winter weather is right around the corner. For kids, their outdoor play moves from puddle jumping and leaf-pile hide-and-seek, to snow forts and sledding. For parents, it’s about making sure kids have the right attire to tackle the cold-weather conditions, and for See Kai Run, that means winter boots.

For the most part, kids’ winter boots are relatively heavy, bulky and rigid compared to other types of footwear. For years the thinking was, bulky equals better for winter conditions. Yes, bulky boots do a wonderful job protecting little feet from cold temperatures and wet conditions, but not all boots deliver when it comes to promoting healthy foot development. I think we’ve all seen it; you strap on the winter boots and suddenly little Suzie begins walking like Frankenstein. But thanks to new materials and technology, the thinking on what’s best for kids’ winter boots is shifting.

For the design team at See Kai Run it’s about delivering a winter boot that not only protects little feet from cold weather conditions, but also promotes healthy foot development, balance and mobility. This requires a boot to be lightweight and flexible, so kids aren’t struggling with their steps. Winter boots must also allow toes to wiggle and flex, which develops muscle and tendon strength, and allows the foot to form naturally. This is important because kids’ feet are different than adult feet, they change shape as they grow; i.e. fat pads dissolve, cartilage becomes bone, and over time arches develop.

Arch Development

In First Walkers, fat pads protect soft cartilage in young feet, but by preschool age, natural movement turns cartilage to bone and the arch begins to appear around age 5.

Ages & Stages

At See Kai Run we proportionally engineer all our footwear, including winter boots, to follow the foot shape of a growing foot.

First Walker
9-18 months
Grows 2-3 sizes each year
18 months-3 years
Grows 2 full sizes each year
3-5 years
Grows 1 full size each year

See Kai Run winter boots also deliver when it comes to cold-weather protection. Both the Waterproof and Waterproof Insulated styles are waterproof up to 10,000 millibars of water pressure for up to four hours. To achieve this durability our winter boots feature seam-sealed membrane construction and gusseted tongues that keep water and dirt out. Insulated styles feature 3M™ Thinsulate™ lining that is cold rated to -35 degrees Fahrenheit. Having a boot that provides the protection and durability to handle cold-weather conditions, while also promoting healthy foot and body development is a win-win for parents and kids.

Features & Benefits

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