Registry Must Haves

Registry Must Haves

Posted by See Kai Run on Jan 13th 2017

  1. My Breast Friend: The name really says it all, don’t you think? If my breasts had friends this would totally be their bestie.  I tried a variety of nursing pillows when my first child was born and nothing compared to this.  Unlike some nursing pillows this one is firm so baby can lay on it while you get the hang of breastfeeding.  Other pillows are soft and squishy (which is great for a pillow) but you want baby to be level with your breasts and not sinking down into the comforts of a pillow.  This also has a nice buckle that you can strap around your waist so you can wear it to parties or the grocery store.
  2. Nose Frieda: Forget that suction thing they send you home from the hospital with, the Nose Frieda is your ticket to a (somewhat) good night sleep when baby inevitably gets their first cold.  If the thought of sucking snot from your baby’s nose with your mouth totally freaks you out you can rest easy, the smarty pants designers behind this contraption made it so the sucking motion is helping to clear the snot but I assure you no snot shall pass into your mouth.  It can be a little tricky to wrestle your babe into a position where they will accept this up their nose but it’s worth the effort as this thing really does its job and will help your little one be snot free.
  3. Wild Bird Sling: Babywearing is my jam.  Strap that kid on and let’s go! Regardless of what you use I highly suggest wearing your baby from the get go.  Get them used to it so you can be hands free to do other things... like toddler wrangling.  I personally love the Wild Bird Sling.  Wildbird is not only safe and functional but its super cute. It is made of lightweight linen or canvas so you don’t get babywearing hot flashes and it comes in a variety of beautiful colors that will easily match all of your yoga pants.
  4. Zipper footies Pj’s: Most middle of the night (parent) meltdowns can be avoided by one thing.  Zipper footie PJ’s.  Snapping 12 snaps (more like 11 because inevitably you mess up and miss a snap) at 2am is my worst nightmare and I WISH someone would have clued me into this before having children.  Wear all the snaps you want during the day time but save yourself the drama and invest in some zipper pj’s for the nighttime.
  5. Crib Shoes: Who has time for matching baby socks?  Let me rephrase that. Who has time to look for the OTHER matching baby sock?  Not this mom. See Kai Run makes the most adorable crib shoes that are fully lined, super soft and easy to put on. If you need to cover up those adorable, squishy toes then get yourself some SKR’s
  6. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles: Don’t let anyone tell you their baby doesn’t like to be swaddled, they just aren’t doing it right.  Swaddle that baby up nice and snug!  Receiving blankets are great for the first few weeks but soon your baby will turn into super hulk and you will need something stronger.  The Halo Sleep sack was my savior and bonus it can be used from newborn to toddler.  The newborn version allows you to zip baby up and then swaddle their arms like a nice and cozy straight jacket.  As they grow up and no longer need to keep their arms from flailing you can use the non Velcro version and still keep them feeling secure.