Transitioning from First Walker to Toddler Shoes

Transitioning from First Walker to Toddler Shoes

Posted by Guest Blogger Sophie Schillaci on Feb 14th 2020

Everly Boya. Photo by Sophie Schillaci

How First Walkers shoes gave my daughter confidence -- and Toddler shoes, her independence.

So, your baby’s taken their first steps! Yay! Chances are, that means you’re graduating from being a baby wearing, stroller-pushing mama, (or papa) to hovering over a teetering explorer, eager to begin her journey. But truly, there’s something so magical and heart bursting about those sweet, wobbly little steps and stumbles.

After welcoming my first child in 2018, I read up on every topic and milestone to parenting; breast feeding, bottles and baby led weaning… awake windows, sleep training and tummy time…toys, books and screens. You name it, I had a reference for it. Except when it came to footwear. As my daughter’s body and mind grew every day, it somehow never crossed my own thoughts that her sweet tiny feet would eventually need proper support as she learned to walk and run. That is, until she wobbled clumsily across our kitchen floor one morning.

Everly took her first steps at 13 months old, but it would be several more months before she gained the confidence to walk on her own without holding my hand. In the meantime, I did my homework... and I discovered See Kai Run’s “First Walkers.”

As it turns out, baby feet are chubby and infinitely kissable for reasons other than melting their mama’s hearts and playing “This Little Piggy” -- there’s science behind it. Those squishy fat pads are actually protecting soft cartilage before it turns to bone and develops an arch.  So when it comes to my baby’s footwear -- while I love a Mommy and Me fashion moment -- she really doesn’t need a tiny version of my shoes.

What she does need is a shoe that’s flexible and lightweight, an outsole with ground traction to keep her upright, and a wide toe box that lets her tootsies wiggle and allows her big toes room to find their balance.

As a parent, I have some needs too. Namely, a wide opening that’s easy to slip on a kicking kiddo and an easy-to-secure strap that will lock them in quickly. Cute Instagram-able styles never hurt anyone, either.

Everly, putting her new See Kai Run Sneakers through the Toddler test. Photo by Sophie Schillaci

From her first steps in her “First Walkers,” Everly became unstoppable. Along with her newfound speed and confidence, she also became obsessed with showing off her bright and sparkly new shoes at every opportunity. (She is a child after my own glitter-loving heart, after all.)

Now, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my brief tenure as a new parent, it’s that change is the only constant. Everly’s feet have grown and it’s time to look ahead to what’s next.

At 18 months old, my former “First Walker” is now a proper “Toddler” and is ready to level up her shoe game. Though her arch won’t form until about age five, the bones in her feet are now beginning to fuse, making it the perfect time for added sole support.

We recently began transitioning from See Kai Run’s “First Walkers” to their “Toddler” line, and the process has been seamless thanks to consistency in sizing, with the same wide toe box and flexible, lightweight design. Meanwhile, Everly’s increased independence and agility calls for added traction on the outsoles of her new “big girl” kicks -- making her steady and well supported on all her playground adventures.

This won’t be Everly’s final shoe transition -- we’ll step up to the “Preschool” option when she’s about three -- but for now, her “Toddler” skills are strong. And as we near the “I can do it myself” phase of toddler-dom, I am thrilled that at least slipping into her See Kai Run sneaks and high tops is so easy… she will actually be able to do it herself.

Between scientifically-backed design, durability, ease of use, and countless colorful patterns, it’s no wonder that See Kai Run is an industry leader and Favorite Footwear finalist for the 2020 Cribsie Awards. Beyond their functionality, nothing makes me feel better than knowing that wherever my daughter’s steps take her in life -- See Kai Run is helping her get off on the right foot.

Sophie Schillaci is an entertainment journalist and soon-to-be mama of two under two. She welcomed her first child in August 2018 and launched the motherhood platform the following year after a decade of reporting for digital, broadcast and print outlets including Entertainment Tonight, the Hollywood Reporter and more. Through her writing, Sophie aims to connect with and empower fellow new mothers through honest and heartfelt storytelling, while sharing real life tips and tricks that actually work. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, daughter and two rambunctious dogs. Their lives are set to get even crazier when Baby No. 2 arrives in April 2020.  Follow Sophia at