REWEAR™ Collective

brothers in boots

The smaller the footprint, the better the world. This is something we understand at See Kai Run, and why we’ve partnered with Kidizen to extend the life our products and reduce our footprint on the planet. See Kai Run shoes are made from quality materials, with durable constructions, which make them perfect for a recycle/resell program designed to benefit you and the planet.


The KIDIZEN REWEAR COLLECTIVE is a way for you to extend the life of your purchase by passing along your no-longer-fit See Kai Run shoes onto another child. In addition, the Rewear Collective allows you to earn extra dollars from your original purchase.

See Kai Run shoes have an average resell value of $18 - $35

See how easy it is for you to help the planet, earn some dollars and share your favorite See Kai Run styles with other children by visiting Kidizen.

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