3 Durable Shoes That Will Hold Up on the Playground

3 Durable Shoes That Will Hold Up on the Playground

Posted by See Kai Run on Sep 7th 2022

3 Durable Shoes That Will Hold Up on the Playground

Worrying about your child’s safety at the playground is normal because accidents can happen. You can worry less if you have the right supplies for preventing injuries, such as suitable footwear. Given that most shoes are designed for the outdoors, it may seem confusing when trying to narrow down the best pair for the playground. Today, we want to clear up that confusion—buy durable shoes that will hold up on the playground with the help of our guide below.


When kids are running around the playground, they need proper traction to ensure they can stay safe while staying active. For this reason, you should look at more than size and appearance when shopping for kids’ shoes. Look through the shoe’s details to learn about traction because some footwear prioritizes it better than others. For example, our outdoor/active kids’ shoes for boys include pairs with a deep lugged outsole, which improves traction for running around in the mud and dirt outside. However, there is another detail to account for when shopping for outdoor footwear: protection against obstructions and uneven terrain.

Nylon Protection

From rocks to tree branches to metal playground components, kids can step on many sharp or tough objects when playing outdoors. A good shoe should always protect your feet, but that protection becomes even more critical when traversing tough terrain outside. If you want to help your kids avoid hurting their feet outdoors, find a spacious pair of footwear with nylon integrated into the design. For instance, the aforementioned Summit shoes at See Kai Run feature a durable nylon textile upper that boosts protection, thus improving your child’s ability to have fun outside.


When browsing shops for durable shoes that will hold up on the playground, think about the maintenance, too. Simply put, ensure your kid’s durable shoes are machine washable so that when you get home after a long day at the park, you can get the footwear looking clean and wonderful once again. As you can see, narrowing down the best shoe for outdoor play requires only a handful of key details. Use these details to find a shoe that supports your child’s outdoor adventures wherever they go.