The Importance of Wiggle Room in Kids' Shoes

The Importance of Wiggle Room in Kids' Shoes

Posted by See Kai Run on Oct 23rd 2023

The Importance of Wiggle Room in Kids' Shoes

Wiggle room may not sound like a big deal when searching for a child’s pair of shoes. After all, if you measure your child’s feet, then that should be all you need, right? The truth is wiggle room is a bit more than a cute phrase; it’s essential to finding proper footwear for your kids. To develop a better understanding of kids’ footwear, read this explanation of the importance of wiggle room in kids's shoes.

It's About Wiggle Room and Flexibility

Think about the feel of your adult shoe; ideally, it has a snug fit but doesn’t grip your feet too tightly. Suffice it to say the inability to move your toes when walking makes movement awkward and uncomfortable. This same principle applies to a kid’s shoe, too. A flexible shoe allows for correct mobility.

A flexible kids’ shoe, that lets their little toes wiggle, is ideal for building walking skills. For instance, See Kai Run has boys’ outdoor shoes that are flexible, have a wide toe box so toes can wiggle, and are designed with durability in mind.

Staying Active, Building Strength

The importance of wiggle room in kids’ shoes also relates to building strength. Toes that can wiggle with shoes on, build muscle and tendon strength, which helps develop walking and other movement skills. A shoe with a generous toe box can give your little ones the room they need to wiggle their toes freely and help them build the necessary strength for active play.

Finding the Wiggle Room

Besides knowing your child’s shoe size, you’ll also need to find shoes with the right amount of wiggle room to deliver a proper fit. As mentioned above, too little toe box space constricts a child’s feet; too much space in a child’s shoe will hinder their stability during movement.

If you’ve ever worn oversized shoes, then you know how awkward it feels, so keep that in mind when checking toe box space on a pair of kids’ shoes. Take these tips with you on your next shoe shopping endeavor if you want the best experience for your child every time they slip on their favorite footwear.