Why Your Child’s Shoes Should Be Flexible

Why Your Child’s Shoes Should Be Flexible

Posted by See Kai Run on Sep 23rd 2022

Why Your Child’s Shoes Should Be Flexible

Although the pair of kid’s shoes you may be looking to purchase are delightful on the outside, it’s how your child’s foot may feel on the inside of the shoe that matters most. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring some flair to a child’s shoe design, but their feet require a certain level of flexibility. Continue reading to learn why your child’s shoes should be flexible.

Better Foot Strength

Due to their rapid foot development, kids should avoid shoes that constrict their feet’s natural movements. A flexible children’s shoe helps little one’s develop balance, gait and stride.

This is also why having additional toe box space is helpful—the shoes must accommodate your child’s toes as they grow. With more room for wiggling toes, your child can build up their foot strength with ease.

Keeping Kids Comfortable

Beyond building their foot strength, flexible footwear will keep your child comfortable when moving around outdoors, whether out for a walk or while running on the playground. Simply put, the right shoes ensure kids aren’t in pain when they’re outside.

Children should be focusing on having fun and staying active, but their ability to complete outdoor activities becomes much harder when they’re wearing shoes with a constricting design. Since you have a better picture of why your child’s shoes should be flexible, we can dive into finding the perfect design.

Finding Perfect Sizes

A shoe that is uncomfortable and ill-fitting is sure to make a child upset and fidgety. A little one who constantly tries to kick off their shoes is a sign that the fit may not be ideal. There are several reasons why a shoe may be uncomfortable; is a child’s foot too large for the shoe? Does the shoe provide room for growth and allow the foot to breathe? Understanding the answers to these questions can help you narrow down your options for the best shoe design when searching for baby and toddler shoes.

After all, purchasing your baby girl’s first pair of walking shoes is a major milestone. The best way to ensure you are finding the right size shoe for your kiddo is to get them measured and sized by a professional. You can find a certified See Kai Run retailer new year by visiting the Store Locator page on our website.If you prefer the convenience of measuring from home, you can use the See Kai Run Sizing Guide also found on our website.